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Thursday, June 18, 2009

30 Reasons Why I Love My Husband

(This isn't an exhaustive list, but it's some of the reasons I most love...not in any order, either)

This is for you, Dave, in honor of Father's Day:

1. He's the hardest worker I know
2. He is hot
3. He watches all the English BBC movies with me...and likes them too!
4. He is patient
5. He loves me best
6. He is way smarter than me and knows so much interesting trivia
7. He likes to play games with me and he's competitive
8. He loves God's Word
9. He thinks I'm prettier than I really am
10. He loves our boys and no matter how tired he is, he always plays with them
11. He is wise
12. He's humble and doesn't try to put himself forward
13. He always thinks well of other people. Always.
14. He makes sure I get time off, even when he is exhausted and deserves it more than I do
15. He is athletic and loves sports
16. He loves to laugh
17. He doesn't take himself too seriously
18. He loves to read
19. He loves to travel almost as much as I do. :)
20. He loves to go out and do fun things all the time! When he could be tired and just want to take it easy, he just wants to go out and make memories together and have fun
21. He loves the beach
22. He always forgives me and points me to the gospel
23. He tells really funny bedtime stories to our boys (cracks me up)
24. I don't know anyone who serves the way Dave does...and never complains. Never.
25. His dry sense of humor
27. He doesn't care about stuff. Just people. He could care less about what we have.
28. He loves whatever I cook...even if it's not very good. :)
29. He can get along with anyone
30. You can count on Dave. Period.


Beth Anne said...

awww so sweet (and true!). This reminds me of a list I made for Martin going through the alphabet for his birthday one year!

Dad and Pearl said...

Truly a beautiful gift to David! We are so happy he has you and the boys to share his life with.....Dad and Pearl