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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

Well, once again I'm behind on the blog! Happy belated Mother's Day to all the moms! I had a wonderful day with Dave and David. Dave cooked me breakfast and let me sleep in before church. I was awakened by David coming in and wishing me "Happy Mother's Day!" and bringing me flowers and breakfast that Dave cooked. (He makes wonderful french toast!!!) I was freshly grateful for precious little ones that the Lord has given us. What a gift it is to be a mom!
The day before Mother's Day, we had a ladies tea at church and we were pampered and had a delicious tea and two wonderful messages given by Jill Vander Weide, a pastor's wife from Covenant Fellowship. Fibia really worked very hard to bless and serve the ladies in our church and we all had a wonderful time! We are all still talking about the impact of the messages and just how much fun we had being together.

Dave had a very crazy week at work and he was gone from Tuesday through Friday. It was really hard to be away from him again, but we are glad that he is home!!! Work should slow down a little now, so we should have him home for good which I am very happy about!!!! He was able to come back down to Middletown for our first baptism as a church which was such a special time. Six people were baptized including two from our care group. It was a blessing to witness the baptisms and be freshly aware of all that Christ has done for us. It was a special memory for us and our church.

Only a few more weeks to go until Owen comes and my first biophysical profile went very well! Baby Owen cooperated and they even gave me a 3-D picture of him which was so amazing!!! He has chubby cheeks. We cannot wait to meet this little guy!

I hope you all had a blessed week! Keep in touch!

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