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Friday, December 16, 2011

Tis the Season

We had a fun Thanksgiving with lots of family and right before Thanksgiving we had our friends over for a Thanksgiving party. The kids had a blast and lots of memories were made. The day after Thanksgiving, I went on my Black Friday shopping trip with my dear friend Lindy Jackson and we got some great deals. We were tired after that night!

The next day, we continued our annual tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree. I made some special treats and Mimi and Grandpop joined us. The boys got to see Santa and play at the playground (it was a very warm day!) and Dave cut down our tree. This year, David picked it out. And we love it! We decorated it and had Christmas cookies and eggnog. The boys are so excited about Christmas this year. We continued our advent calendar and devotions and each day we use "Countdown to the Coming of the King" and they get to look in our village to find out what treats await them. David made his own countdown to Christmas and hung it up in his room. He crosses off each day and every day tells me exactly how many days are left until Christmas. :) Liam is even joining in the fun this year. He absolutely loves the lights and it was priceless watching him exclaim over them when we first put them up. Owen loves our Elf on the Shelf (another post to come). Every morning he runs down to find "Smiley". :) We've also been busy making Christmas cookies and singing Christmas songs. I just love Christmas!

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