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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Family photoshoot...some favorites

Here are some of our favorites from today...

Today we took some shots of the boys and of our family...Still working on getting a really good family shot, but we got some great ones of each one of the boys.

I love Owen's face in the picture above. Hahaha.

Liam - 18 months old. What a loving, happy, crazy, busy, feisty, strong, BOY!

David - 6 years old. What a creative, bright, happy, fun, silly, kind, loving, energetic, sports-loving, BOY!

Owen - 3 years old. What a loving, quiet, silly, sweet, "wants to be a big boy", fun-loving, happy, cute BOY.


Maura said...

I was so excited to see these. They are great! You all look wonderful and the boys look sooo handsome! :)
Thanks for sharing!

Beth Anne said...

Great pictures! You have some sweet boys!

lindsay said...

These are really sweet! I love the one of you all walking and holding hands.

Fibia said...

Beautiful pictures Sarah!! Who took the pictures of the whole family?

Sarah said...

I did with my tripod. :) I had to RUN to get in the picture, but I got it. I am going to try again next weekend to get some closer shots of our family. (Hopefully for our Christmas card!) Thank you everyone! It really is a lot of fun taking shots of my boys. They are so cute!