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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Day in Our Life

This is late due to a non-stop, crazy busy few days!!! Wow.

Anyway, breakfast time.

My Liam waking up...what a happy boy he is! I love him!!! He brightens my day.

And don't you love his little teeth?

Chore time. Making their beds. Sort of. :) I help.

Just happy to be included with his brothers.

Circle time. We pray, sing, read stories, learn our memory verses, learn about seasons and holidays, learn our ABC's, and have fun together. Liam especially loves our singing. He claps his hands and dances. He even follows his brothers when they raise their hands during worship. So cute!

Our pledge of allegiance.

Craft time!

David working hard on his schoolwork.

Liam goes down for his morning nap. While the boys play, I do some carpet cleaning!

Train time!

Lunch time! Hungry boys. They are ALWAYS hungry! :)

He loves to eat! My hungry little caterpillar. :)

Story time! Sometimes I'm just blown away that I get to be their mom. They are so special and different. It's so fun to watch each one of them become little people! I love them so.

After story time, it's rest time/nap time. Mommy get some special time with Liam before he goes down for his second nap.
While they nap/rest, I clean!!! Fun times.

After rest time, coloring while I get dinner started.

Liam likes to follow me around. :) He loves to be a part of whatever we are doing!

Pizza for dinner!

Dave is home!!! It is a celebration when he walks through the door! Time for dinner and family devotions.

Play time with Daddy and then bath time with all three boys! They love having Liam in the bath with them. And he LOVES the water!!!

The end of the day, special time with Lili and I am tired! Then Dave and I clean up and get some time just the two of us before collapsing ourselves. :) Another "normal" day for us, but always a special one. Night-night!


Beth Anne said...

Normal is pretty special! Great reminder to take a second look at the everyday....

InDeeds said...

I do love days with "nothing" to do!