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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend, Dave took my mom and our family to a resort in Lancaster which has two indoor pools and hot tubs and a water play area for kids. The boys loved it and we had a nice and relaxing weekend swimming, playing games, and eating great food! It was a very pleasant way to spend Mother's Day.

David loved jumping in the water!

Owen loved to kick his feet and pretend he was really swimming. :)

The favorite: the frog slide!

David really tried to learn to swim on his own. He had a hard time keeping his head above water, though, and usually just resorted to swimming under water. We'll have to keep trying to help him to keep his head above water.

Relaxing in the hot favorite part!

Liam slept while at the pools. It was nice and warm in the the pool areas and he went right to sleep!

Playing shuffleboard
David was actually really good at ping pong! He was able to hit it back and forth with Dave and he had a blast!
Playing games in the game room!

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