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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Blizzard!!! Day 1

We have been loving all the snow! One of the biggest snowfalls we've ever had! Yesterday, we had a blast playing in the snow. Owen didn't like not being able to move around as much because he was so bundled up. It was very comical to watch him trying to get around. :) David was so excited he woke up and rushed into our room proclaiming, "It's snowing, it's snowing!!!" He could not WAIT to get outside to play. My mom came on Friday to get snowed in with us and the boys had a blast playing with Mimi too.

Last night we had all of our neighbor friends over for a party! They all somehow made it and we had fun staying up in the early morning hours laughing and playing games and enjoying yummy food. What a great day!

Today, we have been enjoying another great day in the snow, digging out of our house. Pictures and another blog post from today to come.

A white Christmastime! What a treat!

Owen unsure of what to think...

The snow was coming down so fast all day!

Inside for some homemade hot cocoa!! Yummy.

Owen has discovered he loves hot cocoa too. He was walking around asking for "hot chocky, hot chocky," all day. :)