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Monday, January 5, 2009


..."All-sufficiency in all things!" Believer! surely thou art "thoroughly
furnished!" Grace is no scanty thing, doled out in pittances. It is a
glorious treasury, which the key of prayer can always unlock, but never
empty. A fountain, "full, flowing, ever-flowing, over-flowing." Mark
these three ALL's in this precious promise. It is a three-fold link in a
golden chain, let down from a throne of grace by a God of grace.
"All-grace!"--"all-sufficiency!" in "all things!" and these to
"abound." Oh! precious thought! My want cannot impoverish that
inexhaustible treasury of grace! Myriads are hourly hanging on it, and
drawing from it, and yet there is no diminution: "Out of that fulness
all we too may receive, and grace for grace!" My soul, dost not thou
love to dwell on that all-abounding grace? Thine own insufficiency in
every thing, met with an "all-sufficiency in all things!" Grace in all
circumstances and situations, in all vicissitudes and changes, in all
the varied phases of the Christian's being. Grace in sunshine and
storm--in health and in sickness--in life and in death. Grace for the
old believer and the young believer, the tried believer, and the weak
believer, and the tempted believer. Grace for duty, and grace in
duty,--grace to carry the joyous cup with a steady hand,--grace to drink
the bitter cup with an unmurmuring spirit,--grace to have prosperity
sanctified,--grace to say, through tears, "Thy will be done!"

- John MacDuff

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